Flu Vaccines - 2015 - 2016 Season

By adminW
February 25, 2015

We have received shipments of the flu vaccine.  You may call our receptionist to book an appointment.

We have specific time periods during the season, that we allocate for administering flu vaccine.  These "flu clinics" allow us to dedicate

staff to giving the flu vaccine.  We have the following flu clinic blocks of time available for appointments:

Each Wednesday of November, 3pm - 7 pm  (Veteran's Day from 930am-430pm);

Additional dates:   Saturday, November 14th (9am-noon); Saturday, November 21st (9am-noon)

We will have additional dates and they will be posted here.

Of course, if your child has an appointment for another type of visit already scheduled, your child may receive the vaccine at that visit.



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