Coronavirus Update 03-15-20

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March 15, 2020

A confirmed COVID-19 case has been identified from the Greece Arcadia school.

The Health Department has already contacted parents whose children may have had direct exposure and arranged testing and guidance.

The Monroe County Health Department instructions are:

“ only symptomatic patients who have been in direct contact with this case be tested”

“Monroe County health department has identified and is coordinating testing for those individuals.”

General population testing is still not being done.  Only those with symptoms and likely exposure are being tested.  This is not a Parkway Peds rule, this is the NYS DOH process.  Please do not argue with our staff, we are working hard to address this outbreak and appreciate your patience.

If your child has any of these symptoms – please call the office:

Trouble breathing – shortness of breath,



If your child does not have symptoms – stay at home and keep isolated (see the resource links below).

Remember, other illnesses are common at this time of year.  Strep and flu are still around.  If your child is sick, call the office and keep your appointment!


We are scheduling non-acute visits (annual WC visits, med-checks, follow-ups, ADHD)  in the morning and early afternoon.  We are separating these appointments from possible COVID-19 appointments so there is no need to cancel these appointments at this time.

Suspected COVID-19 appointments will be scheduled for 5pm or later.  this will allow us to minimize staff and patient exposure and effectively disinfect rooms.  We will ask you to remain in your car until our staff is ready for your child.  You will be asked to come in the building from the side entrance and be shown directly to an exam room.  Please make your child aware, and don’t be afraid if, our staff is wearing masks!

Non-acute visits may be rescheduled if the community has a significant outbreak and sick children need to be seen.


Monroe County doctor’s offices cannot test for COVID-19.

We will test for the flu, to rule out flu diagnosis, as the flu symptoms can be similar to COVID-19.

Do not go to the ED expecting to be tested – they will not.

Testing at Walmart, CVS, and other retail outlets is not available at this time but may become in the near future, we will post updates to this page.

Minimize the Spread!:

  • Stay home – except for medical care
  • Avoid public areas
  • Avoid large group social gatherings
  • Avoid public transportation

Other changes:

  • We have removed the waiting room toys, books, and magazines
  • We have additional cleaning procedures for each sick visit and the office as a whole
  • Suspected COVID-19 patients will enter the building away from the waiting room

Informational Resources

What You Should Know - CDC web information

Monroe County Health Dept. Coronavirus information:

Steps to prevent illness:

Get your household ready:

Cleaning and disinfecting:


Coronavirus COVID-19


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